7 Best Watches Under 100 Dollars For Men

The Ultimate Guide & Reviews For Men’s Best Watches

These days the search for the best watches under 100 dollars for men is increasingly becoming popular! Why? Because guys are fast realizing the hard truth. The hard truth that you don’t have to break the bank to look smart and classy. That’s to say there is still hope for folks out there that can’t afford some of the best watches under 1000 dollars for men. As a matter of fact, you can look your best in your attires on a tight budget. How tight is the budget that we are referring to here? With just a budget of under $100, you can comfortably and confidently own a luxury dress timepiece. Make no mistake, we are talking about classic timepieces with premium features commonly featured on high-end expensive watches

In today’s modern and highly dynamic business environment, valid and timely information is rapidly becoming important. Important in making informed decisions that can impact on your fashion sense. Knowing where to shop for and the core factors to look out for in wrist watches can make a lot of differences.

So, in this wrist watches guide article, we seek to update our readers with valid and updated information. Information that will guide them in choosing the right timepiece for casual, gym, tactical and corporate functions. Whatever your preferences are, this article with steer you in the right direction.

7 Best Watches under 100 dollars for Men Reviews

This section showcases some of the top rated and trending watches all priced below $100. Some are so cool that you do mistake them to fall within best mens watches under 500 dollars price range.Because shopping for reliable and reliable timepieces can be overwhelming, we have decided to perform the hard task. Below, is a selection of some of the most rated wrist watches that you can peruse. Their functionality cuts across different fields. Some are ideal for casual outings while others are suitable for gym and or office kind of setting. You can also use the filter to filter out the ones that are of less importance to you.

North 6z001 Leather Timepiece

First on our list is a super cool and classic looking wristwatch from NORTH. A brand that not too many people know about. However, they have been producing some really nice watches for men lately. Their most recent production is the z6001 men’s model timepiece that features navy-blue main dial window with silver markers. On the main dial are feature three chronograph sub dials. Between the four and five O’clock marks lies a small square date display window. The date display windows allow you to know the current date with a single brief glance on the main dial. The main case is 10mm thick and is crafted from solid stainless-steel material. This ensure maximum protection of the delicate mechanisms from dirt, water and dust. Attached to the 10mm stainless-steel case is a genuine leather strap that fasten round the wrist with the help of metal clasp.

It is also important to note that the 6z001 leather strap watch comes in four unique and distinct color variations. You have the option of choosing between blue, black, brown and white colors. These colors variation is good for those that are picky about the color combination of their dress accessories. With these color options, they can easily match the watch with their attires without looking out of place.


The 6z001 model timepiece is certainly a watch that’s worth every single penny. For just a price under 100 dollars, you are sure getting features and functionalities that was only feasible with high-end watches. It is best suited for casual and business kind of setting. In summary, it is a dressing kind of timepiece that every men out there should have on their dressing table. Especially the black color as it tends to go well with virtually all kind of outfit colors.

Best Military & Tactical Watches for Men Under 100 dollars

best watches under 100 dollars

This section takes a look at some of the best and top rated tactical military watch for men under the price tag of one hundred dollars.

Readeel M1272 Men’s Military & Tactical Timepiece

Are you in the military field? Are you currently in the market for a reliable and functional tactical timepiece that’s below 100 bucks? If you answer “yes” to both questions, then smile! Why? Because today is your lucky day. We are confident that the Readeel M1272 is the perfect tactical timepiece for all military related jobs.

At first glance, the M1272 appears to be complicated. But a closer look reveals a watch that has been crafted to deliver value without hassles. The main dial window features both analogue and digital displays over a dark background. Still on the main dial, you have three sub-dials windows that display date, seconds and alarm functionalities.  The M1272 tactical watch delicate components are protected with a solid 52mm stainless-steel case thickness. The stainless-steel case protects the watch from dirt, dust and water invasion. Beside the case are five dials used in setting and configuring the watch to desired preferences.

The hour, minute and seconds hand markers are all protected with a tough glass. The glass is reinforced to withstand shocks and scratches.

The LCD lights up and illuminate the main dial thus making it easy to read time at night. The alarm function ensures that you stay ontop of your schedules all day long.